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Posted Monday 11/01/07 @ 11:20 AM EST by BlackGoku03

Looking for Staff
[22:59] i still need staff for manga though
[22:59] * Squirrellord hides
[22:59] * Scar hides too
[22:59] * Ketsurui shoves away

Okay, yeah… you all saw how Reborn went. Sorry for that. One reason being is that we need more staff. Anything really. Timers, QCers, and translators especially.

We also need manga staff. We have a translator already, but if you can translate, by all means, contact us. What we really need are cleaners and typesetters. So if you can clean, contact us. Our IRC room is #Toriyamaworld @ Rizon. Also, you can contact us in the forums.

Posted Thursday 10/18/07 @ 11:17 PM PST by Ookla The Mok

TW in Wired Magazine!
Wired Magazine has a special manga-form article this month (November 2007 issue), with appearances by manga industry figures including our own AK of Troy. Check it out!

In other news, yes, we know the file links aren’t working at the moment. This should get fixed soon. (UPDATE: Fixed. Sudden, unexplained php configuration change. Anyway, the file links now work.)

Posted Thursday 06/29/07 @ 4:55 AM EST by BlackGoku03

New Series! Katekyou Hitman Reborn!

Yes, Toriyama’s World has finally picked up another series. It’s a decent series about a middle school boy who is fated to be a mob boss and comical and tense situations ensue. Check it out. We’re starting off from episode 34, so try to catch up by reading the manga! Special thanks to Shiroro for translating (who translated the manga) and all the TW staff. Go check it out at the Scarywater site.

Posted Thursday 01/11/07 @ 1:09 AM EST by BlackGoku03

Death Note Licensed

Upsetting news for the first post of the year, but it’s true. You can read all about it here. We did not expect the series to be licensed so early, however we think their decision went along the lines of:

[00:47] lol. maybe AK was threatened by his bosses “Tell your little ‘Site’ to stop with the Death Note”
[00:47] haha
[00:48] “AK!!” Isnt TW your site?”
[00:48] Yes sir
[00:48] “Ok, lets license Death Note and screw you over”
[00:48] “Noooooooo!”

Comical and likely (not really)! Anyway, we will not continue to subtitle the series. Thank you for supporting us thus far. Please expect to see Kekkaishi episode 4 soon and look forward to our new projects.

Welcome to Toriyama’s World, home to many of Toriyama Akira’s manga series and the great works of many other mangakas. Here you will find info and manga scans of many series that will most likely never make it to this side of the Pacific. We will try our best to scan and translate as many chapters as humanly possible. Please enjoy the site.

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